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Contemporary General Dentistry would like to present…

In House Mainteance Plan

(It's for everyone, seriously, everyone)

Maintenance plan

Our mission is to eliminate the misconception that you MUST have insurance to visit your dentist. Were making it easier than ever to keep yourself healthy! (PSSST… Its affordable too!)

Our Maintenance plan is simple and easy to understand. Pay monthly, or Pay for the year in advance and you save! All your preventative is included and you receive discounted restorative work! Simple! This No-Nonsense maintenance package will keep you healthy without breaking the bank.

Here are the details

Our Maintenance Plan is as follows

$50.00 a month! That's it! And here is what you get…

  • 2 Exams with Dr. Wilson
  • 2, 50 Minute Hygiene appointments with your Favorite Hygienist
  • 1 Set of X-rays for the year (that means bitewings every year and a full mouth series every 3 years)
  • 2 Complimentary fluoride treatments
  • 20% of all other necessary treatment for the year!
  • 1 Emergency visit with Dr Wilson, On the off chance your Holiday chestnuts break your tooth

If you want to pay the year in advance, you rockstar you, that's awesome. We take off $100.00 for those who pre-pay. That's right, $500.00 for the whole year! But we know that's not an option for everyone. If you need to pay smaller amounts monthly that's ok too! $50 dollars a month will get you everything you need to keep yourself healthy.

We love presents! Doesn’t everyone?

When you sign up, you get a little gift! Sign up and check it out!

Maintenance Plan Contract

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